Organization and Structure

We aim to develop the community and youth though our activity based on the Headquarters' Dojo located in Inami-cho, Kako-gun, Hyogo. We are the member of the following official organizations.

Our accosiation is runned by board of directors, including Souke President. All instructors are qualified as official instructor by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology/ Japan Amateur Sports Association.


Japan Karatedo Federation

All Japan Karatedo Corporate Federation

Hyogo Prefecture Karatedo Federation

Hyogo Prefecture Association of Physical Health and Sports for High School Student, Karatedo-Club

Akashi-city Karatedo Association

Board Members

Souke/ President NOBUKAWA, Kuniaki
Vice President NOBUKAWA, Toshihiro
Deputy Vice President USUI, Hirokatsu
Head Director MATSUDA, Tadashi
Deputy Head Director NAKANO, Masaharu
Deputy Head Director ISHIHARA, Yoshiki
Executive Officer NOBUKAWA, Yoshiaki
Chief of Headquarters NOBUKAWA, Takahiro
Executive Director YAMAMOTO, Masayuki
Executive Director KOUNO, Tomohiro
Executive Director SAKATA, Nobuyuki
Executive Director KINJYO, Tsuyoshi
Executive Director KUNIOKA, Mitsugu
Executive Director SAKAMOTO, Sachiko
Director MORITA, Toru
Director YOKOYAMA, Satoru
Director OYAMA, Kyoko
Director HIGASHIDA, Yuko
Director MINAMIKAWA, Naoki
Director OTAKI, Yoshihiro
Director GUNASEKARA, Priyantha